My name is Morr

I’m a NYC based animator / filmmaker.

Morr Meroz

After graduating from the School of Visual Arts (majoring in 3D animation), I started my career as a character animator, freelancing in various studios around town.

Despite loving what I do, I felt like it’s not enough to work for other people, and that I HAVE to keep doing my own thing. What started as a YouTube tutorial channel has quickly evolved into the Bloop Animation blog, a platform on which I can share my work with a great audience of animators and creative artists.

On the site, I documented my journey of making short films. With time it has evolved into a real business with products for sale and has allowed me to make a living doing what I love.

With the success of Bloop Animation, I have decided to share all that I’ve learned about the world of online business so that other artists could see that there are many ways to building an audience around your art. So I have founded Limebrush.

Limebrush is a where I share my journey of becoming an art entrepreneur. How to make money from your art, build an audience and online existence. Business mixed with passion.